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Ethiopia Airlines To Release Crash Report Soon

Ethiopian airline to release crash report

The Ethiopian Airline which crashed shortly after take-off killing all the passengers and crew on board has said it will soon release the report on the crash.

Speaking to newsmen, the spokesman of the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry, Nebiat Getachew, has said that the preliminary report into the cause of the March 10 Ethiopian Airlines crash which killed 157 people on board will be released soon.

However, a timeline has not yet been set. An anti-stalling system on the plane, a Boeing 737 max, has been blamed for the disaster.

Soon after take-off, and just about 450ft (137m) above the ground, the aircraft’s nose began to pitch down.

According to reports, one pilot said to the other “pitch up, pitch up” before the radio went off.

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Leaks last week from the crash investigation in Ethiopia and in the US suggest an automatic anti-stall system was activated at the time of the disaster.

In a fatal crash involving a Lion Air flight in Indonesia, last October, the Manoeuvring Characteristics System (MCAS) flight-control feature was also implicated.


The Boeing 737 Max went down shortly after take-off Jakarta, killing all the 189 people on board.

The Boeing 737 Max models are been grounded around the world after the Ethiopian Airlines crash.

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